EURISE Workshop: CI/CD - Workshop on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Research Software

Reliable services in research infrastructures can only be provided with good technology as the backbone.


Implementing quality control is therefore a core objective to improve services offered to users. Within the research community, awareness for software quality is rising throughout. Not only infrastructure operators promote increased investments, the cause has also been recognised by funders and defined as a core requirement for participation in research infrastructures and the European Open Science Cloud.


At this workshop we will discuss how domain specific infrastructures can and must bridge the gap between abstract expectations of Technology Readiness and production level service management on one side, as well as the challenges of every-day software development in the public sector and the research in particular.

The topics to be addressed range from quality measures and criteria to implementation through automation and continuous integration and how their adoption towards business as usual can be enabled.

The EURISE Network has been formed by the three Social Sciences and Humanities ERICs CESSDA, CLARIN & DARIAH to create an umbrella where research infrastructures meet research software engineers. EURISE stands for European Research Infrastructure Software Engineers and the Network promotes knowledge exchange between experts from different areas of infrastructure development and operation.

As part of this effort we organised two previous workshops in 2017 and 2019, see also last year’s material.

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