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A more detailed report of the workshop can be found on the DHd-Blog.

The event provided a platform for sharing experiences and knowledge gathered from working in three infrastructures delivering services to the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Presentations given by all of the infrastructures showcased the various individual approaches and challenges. Although the different consortia architectures have led to distinct developments, an unsurprising number of similarities remain. The most common one, in a practical sense, was the ongoing and often neglected need to focus on training and knowledge building.

The workshop  also brought into focus the implications of software as research output. Related issues addressed were that of software publication, preservation, reusability and reproducibility.

The EURISE network created the Technical Reference as a first building block towards a common alignment of infrastructure understanding after the first workshop in 2017. It is intended as a blueprint for software engineers to use as a first point of reference when starting a development project and provides a list of practical considerations and collection of best practices to kickstart development.

Other topics touched on during the workshop were existing frameworks to address technical requirements for participation in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), as well as how to build business models to ensure sustainable service operation after the initial funding phases have ended.

Here the slides of the presentations can be found in the order in which they were given during the workshop:

Introduction - Carsten Thiel (CESSDA)

CESSDA's Software Maturity Model - John Shepherdson (CESSDA)

CLARIN's First Steps on the Long Path to Software Sustainability - Dieter van Uytvanck (CLARIN)

Business Models for Digital Research Infrastructures using the Example of DARIAH - Frank Fischer (DARIAH)

EURISE Technical Reference - Michelle Weidling (SUB Göttingen)

Implementing a Service Management System in a Federated Multi-Supply Environment - Yannick Legré (EGI)

Infrastructure Security - David Kelsey (UKRI STFC)

A FAIR Software Route - the Dutch Way - Mustapha Mokrane (DANS) / Carlos Martinez Ortiz (NLeSC)

Sustainability Beyond Guidelines - 
How our Perception of Research Infrastructures shapes our Perception of the Sustainability Issue? - Andrea Scharnhorst / Francesca Morselli (DANS)


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